Stand Up Comedians Come Together To Fight Homelessness

Supporting The Homeless Through Comedy


Comedy is a profession like any other and the funny works of comedians really pay. Comedians too have big hearts as is seen in their charitable works of supporting the homeless. Laughter is medicine for the heart and anybody with a cheerful mood would want to contribute for a good cause if called in for help. A comedy night aimed for raising funds for the disadvantaged would also attract them to support the noble course. Comedians can therefore use the opportunity to entertain and appeal to their audience to support the disadvantaged.


Top comedians can team up to put a rib-cracking show aimed at supporting the homeless. People can turn out in large numbers to get a good laugh from their favorite comedians and support the homeless. Proceeds from the show can go to housing the homeless and even get them other supportive services like food and clothing. Such comedy shows to support the disadvantaged like HELP USA have successfully been held.


People sleeping rough on the streets not only need shelter and food. Such individuals also need to feel loved and supporting them by attending shows organized by comedians to raise charity funds can go a long way. There are numerous local charities across USA that offer support to vulnerable groups in the streets like women, disabled people and the aged. Individuals and comedians often team up to organize fund raising for such groups. When you receive an invite to attend their meet ups or comedy shows, turning up and offering some financial support can be a great gesture.


Some homeless people too are talented in comedy and most of them may lack a means of getting them in the limelight. Such talents should not go into waste. You can find a means of helping such an individual use his/her talent to make a living and get out of the streets. Some successful comedians organize shows aimed at supporting homeless comedians. Given a stage, such comedians can crack-up the audience just like an artist with a good background.


The fact that most homeless men and women are struggling with alcohol abuse or drug addiction should not be ignored. The proceeds from comedy shows aimed at supporting homeless charity organizations can also cater for the cost of rehabilitating such individuals. After rehabilitation, when homeless drug and alcohol addicts reach sobriety, they can be productive members of the society. Some charity organizations supporting the homeless can also link then up with comedians or organizations that can help them recognize their talent and put it into practice.

Comedy is a growing industry just like any other profession. So if you don’t know which agency¬†to hire for good entertainment a LOL comedians brighten up an event and spread cheer to everyone in attendance. Hiring Comedians have time and again proved that they too can contribute in the society by helping disadvantaged homeless people through their personal contributions and organizing initiatives that can drive the public to help the homeless. Next time you hear about a comedy show organized to support the homeless, it would be great idea to attend the show for a good tickle and make a generous contribution. Hiring a funny comedian who will entertain your guests in a fundraising event to support the homeless.

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